Rebecca Murphy (emptyatelier) wrote in melb_artists,
Rebecca Murphy

THIS LITTLE PIGGY artist call out

callout: currently seeking artists interested in taking part in a group exhibition for late 09/early 10. you'll be modifying a small ceramic piggy bank, and showing one or more accompanying wall-hung artworks.

why? we're thinking swine flu. when pigs fly. three little piggies. bacon and eggs. the recession. art as an investment. having a little fun, and getting to know you.

deadline for submissions: Aug 23rd. artists will be notified by Aug 31st

contact send a few examples of recent work (no more than 3) or a link to your portfolio/website, along with your name, contact details, and cv to

cash artists confirmed for the exhibition are asked to contribute $25au to cover costs

questions? email Rebecca -

not an artist? expressions of interest from galleries, sponsors, media, and anyone else who would like to get involved are very welcome. please email Rebecca -

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