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Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibition: Home is Where the Craft Is

Hope it's ok to post this soon, starting to freak out about the exhibition!

24th September - October 3rd
Melbourne Fringe Festival

161 Albion St, Brunswick, 3056

Preview screening and launch party 24th September, 6pm-9pm. Includes Pop up gig and homebrew!

Exhibition dates 25th September-October 3rd, 12pm-5pm

Have you ever wondered what goes on in other people's homes? This exhibition explores the role of Womens' craft as part of and related to the home. It is held at the home of curator and crafter, Cate Lawrence. As a creative practice, craft is obscured by its residential location as it is traditionally not done in art spaces, studios or collectives. It is not held in a high regard as other creative mediums such as graphic design, painting and sculpture. Yet this exhibition puts craft in the spotlight and shows the high degree of crafters creating in their homes.

The works span embroidery, sewing, Gocco, quilting, jewelery making, ceramics and textiles arts as traditional craft techniques are reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. Wander through Cate's home and see the inspiring work of many wonderfully creative women.

The Sunday openings include a pop up backyard craft market.

Exhibitors include: Cate Lawrence, Katherine Hepworth, Rayna Fahey, Mae Finlayson, Louise Francis, Tanya van der Weert, Katherine Barling, Anna Boyd-Dunlop

Cate Lawrence

For more info go to or facebook event Home Is Where the Craft Is

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