Art stuff for sale!

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I'm selling a few things to fund a hopefully upcoming move and there's a few things this comm might be interested - AGIdeas conference books

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Pickup from Clifton Hill or they can be posted at the buyer's expense.


Cool Online Dance Comp

Choreographer Kelley Abbey (So You Think You Can Dance, Australia) has created a solo, performed by award-winning dancer Reed Luplau. This is the start of a two part challenge. Create your own take on the solo and then continue in your own unique style.

Kelley and a panel of judges will select ten finalists to move into the elimination rounds. The public will then decide the ultimate winner who will be brought to Sydney to perform at MyMutation Live ! Begin by going to YouTube and watching the instruction and demo videos.

Instruction Video-


digital work - thoughtful

THIS LITTLE PIGGY artist call out

callout: currently seeking artists interested in taking part in a group exhibition for late 09/early 10. you'll be modifying a small ceramic piggy bank, and showing one or more accompanying wall-hung artworks.

why? we're thinking swine flu. when pigs fly. three little piggies. bacon and eggs. the recession. art as an investment. having a little fun, and getting to know you.

deadline for submissions: Aug 23rd. artists will be notified by Aug 31st

contact send a few examples of recent work (no more than 3) or a link to your portfolio/website, along with your name, contact details, and cv to

cash artists confirmed for the exhibition are asked to contribute $25au to cover costs

questions? email Rebecca -

not an artist? expressions of interest from galleries, sponsors, media, and anyone else who would like to get involved are very welcome. please email Rebecca -

Sending Artwork

I'm looking and trying to figure out the safest way to send 20 pieces of my artwork (16" x20") to Newcastle for a show in two weeks. I'm unable to drive there, so it has to be some kind airline courier or the like.

Anyone had any experience with this?

Anyone you recommend?


Sunland – The Land of Freedom.

For many centuries humanity has been dreaming about the Land of Freedom that could be a pattern for the rest of the world. The best human minds: Thomas More, Tomaso Campanella, Henri de Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier, etc. had devoted themselves to this dream. Although their dream didn't come true, but aspirations of many millions people, which these genius had expressed in their writings, are alive in the present world more than ever before. And now their dreams and aspirations have all chances to become a reality.

The Sunland project puts into practice, grows up every day. As it should be, many energetic, fully alive people are very interested in Sunland. There is a huge interest about question "Where Sunland can be located?" We wish to inform all that at this moment as a place for Sunland
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What is Sunland?

Sunland is the unique project of community (сommune, settlement) of people, who are joint according to the principles of equality, autonomy, free self-determination of the person. Wishing a more fair life and work, the Sunland's participants have chosen for their location a desert island in Pacific ocean, that is nowadays removed from the centres of a civilisation.

Any person can become a member of the community outside of distinctions of age, sex, race, nationalities or educational level. However, we shall not accept persons who
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"Terra Libertas". We can do it!

Many critics say that our project is unreal. We can't agree with them and want to adduce some reasons for this. In fact, there are some organizations that provide various places where creative practitioners live and interact with one another. There are two primary organizations which specialize in this servis for artists - "Res Artis" and "Alliance of Artists Communities". But the point is that these organizations are fully commercial. Their main purpose is to earn money. Besides, except for residential services, they couldn't give anything for the artists.

In contrast, we can offer quite another thing.
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Why should we support the Petition to the Queen?

We, ART-REVOLUTION movement and International Anti-Colonial League, have published recently Online Petition for freedom and independence of Pitcairn islands. Due to the fact that some part of the readers has doubts and distrust, we want to clarify some points. The value of the issue is a thousand times more than an area of this small islands.

"The Great British Empire" collapsed when India gained independence.
But british reactionaries desperately try to keep its fragments.
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Lilithia Happiness Sky


Hi everyone!! I hope you're all well!! I don't know if this can be posted here, but it's artistic in a way, so I hope it IS okay.

I'm just quickly blogging to announce that I'm organizing... THE MELBOURNE FREEZE FRAME PROJECT 2009 & I'm actually quite nervous about it. It will be next month on Saturday, June 20th at 1pm at Bourke Street Mall in the city; where everyone freezes for 5 minutes. I am guessing some of you have heard about this before? I hope so. If you have Facebook, & can attend then PLEASE submit your attendance on the event page!!

If you know anyone in Melbourne who'd be interested, please tell your friends!! I want this to be as successful as possible.

I hope that you can make it. WISH ME LUCK!!
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