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Melbourne Artists

the eccentric and ecclectic

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A community for artists and people interested in art around Melbourne

This community is for artists that live and/or work in and around melbourne.
All artists - be it pen, paint, film, clay, sound or anything else you're welcome.
It's a place to meet and scheme. Need someone to go to that exihibit with you? Need volunteers for backstage? Need to find a particular paint colour/brand or something odd for a piece of art? Ask away!

Give a little introduction when you join, just to move things along. After all - you only get out what you put in.

Posting Guide
1. No nastiness. If they're a band and you're a band it's not the end of the world, infact it's a good thing, it means more music for all.

2. LJ-cut with stuff that should be cut. Obvious I know - but just to be sure. One pic out of a cut should be ok - but anymore than that tuck it under a cut, k?

3. if organising to meet people - be safe. BE SAFE, BE SAFE, BE SAFE. If trading art supplies I can't insure that you won't get screwed over, though let me know if you do.

4. Just use your grey matter. Suggest stuff and have fun! You only live once so give it a go! Feel free to email with problems or suggestions!

Member's Art Links
sabbitha - www.sayraphimlothian.com

alawa - kolenya.deviantart.com

camnormac - www.camnormac.com

natalilly -lillykitten.deviantart.com

giantessmess - www.geocities.com/giantesszine/

quietthomas- www.geocities.com/quietthomas/art.html

anogy - www.shannonhourigan.com

Other Links

georgielove.com sells locally made art/craft items.

www.omnificassembly.com Art company that organises group exhibitions around Melbourne.

www.artshub.com.au Art jobs/news/community.

www.etsy.com Art and craft lovin' internet marketplace.

www.redbubble.com Photographic community and marketplace.

Got a link? Let us know!